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    DIABETES AND STRESS II डायबिटीज और स्ट्रेस

    DIABETES AND STRESS II डायबिटीज और स्ट्रेस

    Stress is a very normal process of our daily lives. It becomes a problem a problem or disorder when it affects our physical/ psychological well being.

    Stress is caused by physical parameters(like-injury/ illness) or psychological things(unresolved work issues, bad relationship, moving a house).

    In a diabetic people, stress leads to a high blood glucose levels, irrespective of the fact that in diabetics it is one of a major cause of stress leading to increased rates of anxiety and depression.
    How stress affects our life?
    When our body experiences stress, it is under attack irrespective of the fact whether stress is physical or psychological. This is known as fight or flight response.
    Stress hormones like adrenaline, growth hormone, steroids rise. These hormones in turn lead to increased release of blood glucose levels. In a non diabetics, this causes rise in insulin levels which manifests in increased energy levels i.e more glucose is available for body cells. Eventually, this increased energy leads to either fight the stress or run away from it.
    In a diabetic patient on the other hand as there is not enough insulin to move the blood glucose into cells it leads to increased blood glucose levels.
    What happens in long duration of stress
    Stress can occur on short term basis or long term e.g a patient recovering from a major surgery where in the stress hormones remain for longer period in blood stream. This on the can leads to increase use of diabetes medications. Some people find out that they have diabetes during a period of illness and thus they believe that stress has caused diabetes.Actually, the truth is that stress has challenged their body to make more insulin, but as they fail to do so, they cannot meet this challenge and this leads to increased blood glucose levels.
    There are many ways in which you can reduce stress like relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation etc. You can make positive lifestyle changes which increase your enjoyment levels fulfilling you spiritually. You can also identify the cause behind the stress and rectify or alter it.
    A step ahead of stress
    Mindful meditation: The combination of meditation and low paced walking lead to great results .
    It leads to 30% reduction of blood glucose levels with low anxiety levels. Apart from burning calories which controls obesity and reduction of heart disease , it results in reduced stress levels.

    Dr. Indira Ghai , MBBS, DPH

    Chief Medical Officer – HelloHealth


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