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    How to Improve Child Concentration

    How to Improve Child Concentration

    Concentration is the ability to focus on a specific task for a reasonable period

    Do you think that your child has difficulty in concentrating? Some children may show extreme difficulty in concentrating on their studies and other activities.The signs include fidgeting a lot, not paying attention when spoken to and being forgetful from time to time. It’s frustrating, but it is a problem that can be fixed.Lack of concentration could be due to a number of reasons and causes, most of which depend on the age and health status of the child. As a parent, you may wish to know why children lose their focus and concentration, when they are doing some work and those reasons that cause an inability to concentrate on important things.

    Here we are giving some basic causes and their related solution for the parents—-

    Lack of sleep = If your child is tired she/he won’t be able to concentrate. So encourage child/teenager’s to go to bed and to get up at the same time everyday. Aim for her/his to get about nine hour’s sleep a night.

    lack of sleep

    Motivation and interest= Your child/teenager’s will be able to concentrate for longer if she’s/he’s interested in what she’s or he’s doing.


    Personal circumstances = Your child and teenager’s fell anxious  or troubled about issues at home or at school, or with friends could lead to low levels of concentration. So trend your child/teenager to communicate to you and give more quality time to him and redevelop your relations.

    depressed child

    Teacher trouble = When child/teenager do not like a teacher or have problem with a particular teacher, they usually do not perform well. it advisable to the parents that they must talk to the teacher and explain child behavior or problems.

    Health problems = A weak immune system, dehydration and bad eating habits could all contribute to poor levels of concentration. Make  sure that she/he takes a multivitamin supplement or fruits everyday and go for routine checkup.

    healthy diet for kids

    Lack of exercise = This could make children lethargic and tired and they won’t be able to concentration, especially after lunch. so it is very important to child must have physical activity like cricket and football.

    playing child

    Surrounding atmosphere = A lot of activity, noise or television that is always does not contribute to the calm atmosphere that is needed for high levels of concentration. so must concentrate on this problems and try to make home atmosphere study friendly.                                                                                                                              All these are the factors which every parents must have to understand and take action accordingly. if you fell that all step not working then must consult any childpsychiatristChild Psychologist Or Child Counselor.

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